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Financial Planner - *Print Book* Version

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“Get It Together” Financial Planner

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This 50 page financial planner makes it easy to track where all of your money is going. Most people don't realize how much they spend on things like eating out, coffees out and recreation. Our financial planner makes it easy to keep track of all of your spending and savings. It includes easy charts to track bills and monthly expenses, charts and graphs to track debt payoffs, fillable monthly budget, savings tracker and more!

If you prefer, you can find the e-book digital download version here.

Customer Reviews

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Great Help!

The Financial Planner has been a blessing! Its pared down and easy to use. Just input your numbers and see where your money is going or get an eye opener to where youve been spending too much! Helps you create a plan for your family to get your money in better control. Love its convenient size too!

Everyone with income should have this.

If you can't manage money, you can't manage life. This is a well planned, simple yet detailed book to get your money and priorities straightened out. Everyone should follow this plan!

Financial planner-Print version

I liked the different categories. I do have issues relating to similar problems. If someone has limited sight, such as cataracts that cannot be addressed yet, the white over gray printing is almost impossible to see. Also, the fancy font in some areas is very difficult to read. Please stick with simple high contrast block lettering of reasonable size as not everyone is able to appreciate the more artistic nature of the printed material. Thank you kindly.

it says it all

easy ,easy, easy, like all the lists and charts ,and trackers

Great book

Now to get started. Great book!