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Tawra's UNDATED "Get It Together" Planners!

Only the Tropical version of the planner is available right now.

Do you REALLY want to cut your stress, save money and step up your organization? Good organization is a critical part of saving money and eliminating debt! With proper planning, you can avoid unnecessary spending and temptations and really focus on your goals of getting out of debt, saving money and having a stress free life!

Having a good planner and actually using it reduces stress because you can keep all your plans and thoughts in one place so you're not constantly wasting brain power remembering all the things you need to do over and over all throughout the day!

I have often found that most planners are lacking in some important area, so I decided to create a planner specifically designed to help you (and me, lol!) get it together today! This planner is perfect for keeping track of your money, tracking debt reduction, making cleaning easier with super easy schedules, recording plans for upcoming family meals and all of the daily tasks that sometimes seem overwhelming.

This is the planner I always dreamed of! As most of you know, I am planning challenged. Because of my continual brain fog with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I can never "Get It Together!" So I decided to Get It Together and make a planner that will make it easier for anyone to get it together and KEEP it together!

With my new UNDATED Get It Together Daily Planner, you can more easily keep all of these things neatly organized in one place so you don't have to worry about missing something!


"Best Planner That I Have Ever Used!"

"Hi Tawra, I have never written to a business praising their products but your planner deserves kudos. You did an excellent job designing this planner. It is the best planner that I have ever used and I have tried a lot of them. Your cookbooks are also wonderful and I very much enjoy your You Tube videos."

"Thank you for all that you do, Liane S."


Here is a video example from our Undated Planner. The undated planner includes everything that was in the 2022 planner, but is undated so you can start getting organized anytime and fill with your own dates.


  • Made In The USA! Your order helps support an American family!
  • Keeping track of life in an easy manner.
  • Makes cleaning and organizing easy.
  • Simple to customize.
  • It is the perfect planner for the organized and unorganized minds.
Living On A Dime To Grow Rich - Tawra's Get It Together Planner

THE ULTIMATE PLANNING SYSTEM, even if you're planning impaired!

  • Plan your entire year with ease!
  • 12 Month Planner (UNDATED so you can start today!)
  • Lightweight but very durable plastic cover that won't get crushed
  • Heavy duty metal spiral for easy use.
  • Large 8"x10" size
  • It has plenty of space for each day to write everything you need to keep track of.
  • Large fonts that are easy to read


Living On A Dime To Grow Rich - Tawra's Get It Together Planner


"Perfect Planner Handles Every Single Part Of My Life!"

"I just received my 2022 Planner and am even more delighted with it than last year's!!! I like that it is less bulky but even more beautiful! The quotes at the top really boosts my heart and spirit!.., Your planner is the first one that I have ever used that handles every single part of my life including my Church life too! Thank you so much for your perfect planner!!! If it wasn’t for you and your planner, I would be a hot mess Mountain woman!!"

"Love and prayers, Mary Lou P."


Please Note: this edition does NOT have the monthly divider tabs.

Daily To Do Lists

Living On A Dime To Grow Rich - Tawra's Get It Together Planner Daily To Do Lists
  • Remember Today! Don't forget those birthdays and anniversaries!
  • Appointments - Get everyone going to the right place at the right time.
  • Dinner - Never ask "What's for Dinner" again!
  • Water Check off - Stay Hydrated and Stay Focused.
  • To Do List with Top 3 to make sure you get it done.
  • Daily Clean and Organize, with Daily To-Do List with check boxes to keep your house tidy and organized.
  • Plenty of Note Space to Jot down all those things like Gratitudes, Cute things the kids said or general thoughts you don't want to forget.
Weekly and Monthly Cleaning checklist

Living On A Dime To Grow Rich - Tawra's Get It Together Planner Cleaning Checklist
Menus Chart- Keep track of your menus in Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall!

Living On A Dime To Grow Rich - Tawra's Get It Together Planner Menus Chart
Debt Payoff Charts - Keep motivated by seeing your debt go down!

Living On A Dime To Grow Rich - Tawra's Get It Together Planner Debt Payoff Charts
Monthly Budget Page - Know where the money is going!

Living On A Dime To Grow Rich - Tawra's Get It Together Planner Monthly Budget Page
Shopping Lists - 1 for each week!

Living On A Dime To Grow Rich - Tawra's Get It Together Planner Shopping Lists


Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews

This planner has really helped me remember all the things I need to do and appointments. I especially like the plan your meals for the next day section. It really helps me stay on track with my diet. I will definitely be buying this planner again next year. Thanks so much for creating this planner!

The Best Planner - Beautiful and Functional

2023 is my 4th year using the LOAD planner and I do use it every day / all day.
All the sections work well for me, especially the layout and sections of the daily pages. (With most other planners, daily page is hourly schedule for appointments, and I don't need that.)
Also love your quotes at top of pages - they bless me, teach me, inspire me, make me smile.
Undated pages are not a problem.
It works great for planning, and also for tracking all of life – very helpful - for example, can look back to see what date in February something happened, etc.
So, thank you, Tawra and team, for finding a way to make them available again this year!


A great planner. Thank you

Tonja Edwards
New ways to use my planner

I know The planners are suppose to be a daily planner However, it seems that I don,t have enough information to cover the sheets daily. So I turned it into a weekly planner. For example, This week would have Monday 6, 2023 through Sunday 12, 2023. And I would cover all my activities for that week on two of the the planner sheets. One planner sheets dated Monday 6 2023 and the other sheet dated Sunday 12 2023. I would accomplish everything on those two sheets for the week. This helps me because I can use the planner sheets without feeling as though I was not using the planner at it,s best. Before I felt like I was leaving to much empty space or something. But I love my planner.

Chrissy Bright

Just what I needed to help get myself organized this year not with only appointments but also with helping me to clean it has helped me stay on top of just making sure my house is picked up. Thank you thank you so much for all the work and time you put into it. I can't wait to get my cookbooks.0