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About User Accounts

If you like, you can create a user account so that you can see your order details or download e-books from previous orders.

User accounts are optional, so if you would like one, you need to sign up for one first. When you do, orders using the email you use to sign up will be attached to that user account.

Pre-Filling Your Address

If you sign up for a user account, you can log in before placing future orders and the order page will pre-fill the address you used on the last order.


(If you try to download an item more than 5 times, you will need to contact us to reset your download links.)

Please download orders promptly as we cannot look up orders more than 30 days old.


To create a user account:

Visit our store here.

2) Click the link that says "Sign Up".

User Account Sign Up

3) Enter the information you want on your account. Please use the e-mail on your order so that the order shows up in your account.

User Account Signup

You will also need to create a unique password in this step. For your security, please create one that is difficult to guess. (We will not have access to your password.)

4) Once you click create, you will receive an email asking you to activate your account. Once you click Activate your account, your account will be created.

Activate Account

To access your user account:

(If you have not yet created a user account, please follow the steps above to create one first.)

1) From any page on the store, click "Log in".

Account Login

 2) On the screen that appears, enter the e-mail address and password you chose when you created your account. Then click the "Sign in" button.

Account Login

 3) Once you sign on, you will be taken to your account overview page.

You can click the order number to see details about your order.

To see or re-download digital file or e-books from previous orders, click the "My Downloadable Files" button.

User Account Overview

 4) After clicking the "My Downloadable Files" button, you will see a list of items you previously ordered. Click one the see the e-books associated with that item.

My Downloadable Files

 5) When you click on an item above, you will be taken to a list of the e-books from that order.

To re-download, click the e-book you want to download and the e-book will be downloaded to the location on your device where downloads are stored. (Usually a folder called "Downloads".)

If you are using a computer, you can RIGHT click the link and choose where to save the e-books on your computer. Find instructions for that here.

E-Book in your order

(If you try to download an item more than 5 times, you will need to contact us to reset your download links. Please download promptly as we cannot look up orders more than 30 days old.)


For additional information about downloading, please check out our Download Help Page Here.