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Thank you for ordering our products!

This page is for general order assistance.

If you need Download Help or assistance with e-books, please visit the Download Help Page Here.

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Here are the most common order problems and how to solve them. If your issue is described here, you may be able to get the issue resolved faster following these steps.

The wrong address was on my order.

How do I track my order?

I did not receive the email with my order confirmation and tracking number.

The order tracking says "delivered" but I did not receive my package.


The wrong address was on my order.

If you accidentally give us the wrong address for your order, please contact us RIGHT AWAY. If the order has not yet shipped, we can change the address before shipping and there will be no extra charge.

If your order was shipped to the wrong address, and the wrong address is on your order, there will be an additional charge to re-ship the order to you (Actual USPS shipping charge - Minimum $5.00 USD.)

If you pay with Paypal, please check your address on Paypal before ordering. We are not responsible if your Paypal address is outdated and the order ships to the wrong address.

If your order contains the correct address, but we shipped it to the wrong address, we will re-ship at no additional charge to you.


How do I track my order?

When your order is shipped, you should receive an email from us with your tracking number. To track the order, go to and enter the tracking number in the box where it says "Search or Track Packages".

If the order tracking says the package is in transit or is at a post office facility, but there is no movement in the tracking data for more than 2 weeks, something has probably gone wrong at the post office. Please contact us and we will send a replacement.

If the tracking says "dead letter" or something similar, something has definitely gone wrong at the post office. Please contact us and we will send a replacement.


I did not receive the email with my order confirmation and tracking number.

This means that the email was filtered by a spam filter. Please check your spam or bulk mail folder for the email from Living On A Dime To Grow Rich.

To prevent order emails and other messages from us from going to spam or being filtered, please add us to your email "whitelist" or "safe senders list." You can find instructions about adding us to a whitelist here. Please whitelist . If you like, you can whitelist all items coming from

If you cannot locate the shipping email in your spam folder, please WHITELIST OUR EMAIL FIRST and then contact us to ask us to re-send your shipping confirmation email.


The order tracking says "delivered" but I did not receive my package.

If the tracking says delivered, the post office is saying they delivered the package to the address on the package.

In this case, please check carefully around the front of your home or where the post office usually delivers packages.

Often when this happens, someone else who lives in the home picked up the package, left it somewhere in the house and forgot to tell you, so please check with others living in your home.

If you live in an apartment or other facility with an office or front desk, please check with the person at that location to see if it was delivered there.

If you still cannot locate the package, please check with your post office. Give them the tracking number and tell them it says delivered but you have not received it. The post office keeps GPS records of the exact location where a package was delivered and should be able to confirm it was left at your address and exactly where at your address.

Please check the above first as we will ask you to do them if you contact us. If these things do not help you, please contact us for assistance.