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100 Crockpot Recipes eBook Bundle!

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e-Book Bundle $10.00

  • 100+ easy recipes that your family will love…
  • Easy for you to enjoy delicious, wholesome meals with an amazingly small amount of effort.
  • Arrive home after an exhausting day to the welcoming aroma of a delicious dinner already prepared for you!
  • A Crockpot “Cheat Sheet” that will help you convert your crockpot recipes to the oven…
  • Meal plans to help you get dinner on in a hurry

No big restaurant bill, no tips, no waiting with all of the other tired and grouchy people to get a table and then to get your food and most importantly, no dealing with fussy and grouchy kids who ruin the ambiance at the restaurant not only for you but for all of the other people around you.

Simply pick one of the pre-made menus the night before or in the morning before you head out, take a couple of minutes to toss some ingredients into a slow cooker and know that you’re saving a ton of money and the headache of dragging your family to yet another expensive restaurant that no longer has the appeal for you that it once did.

"I'm one of your longtime fans. :) Love all your books and Easy Crockpot Recipes and Menus is no exception. I've already tried two of the recipes and received rave reviews from the family! Thanks for all you do."

God bless, Suzanne

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Mavis Holden

100 Crockpot Recipes eBook Bundle!

Crockpot Recipes eBook Bundle

Recipes look awesome can’t wait to try them out in the crockpot and instapot.

Tina Nation

Love the recipes

Diane Kay Brossette, usually displayed as "dkaysette"
Love these recipes!

Your many tips have made it entirely possible to make these wonderful crockpot recipes within the target price. By simply using some common sense, I have been able to buy sale meats, freeze or can them, and even reduce the amount used in many recipes without changing the great taste! Also, the recipes are so easy to substitute the meat with any type meat I have on hand. We are doing so much better about using up our leftovers but I do often can extra meats to make room in my freezers for more meat bargains. They are definitely out there! Cooking your recipes made my hum drum cooking life more of an adventure! Now, I often think "So many things to little time." Haha! Thank you! Many ideas I've already used all my life, but I am still learning new tips by listening to your videos every time they pop up in notifications!

Love it!

You're the best!! Love all your recipes.