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Menus On A Dime 3 e-Book Set

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Too Tired To Cook?

Tired of struggling to feed your family only to hear them complain about dinner? Eating out is one of the top causes of debt, but what do you do when you’re too tired to figure out what to make for dinner?

You can learn to dramatically reduce your grocery bill making delicious meals that your family will love! With the Menus on a Dime e-book, you’ll never have to ask "What’s For Dinner?" again!

Here is what’s included in the "Menus On A Dime" e-book package:

Menus On A Dime e-book package

Menus From Dining on a Dime e-book

Menus From Dining on a Dime includes over 70 menus to make your meal planning easier! You won’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about what to make after a busy day and your family will enjoy wholesome, home-cooked meals without you having to make yet another stop when you’re tired of spending a lot of money eating out!



Menus On A Dime e-book package

Plan Ahead Leftovers e-book

Don’t wait until your refrigerator is full of odds and ends to think about leftovers — Plan Ahead!!

Plan Ahead Leftovers includes 15 pre-planned menus and 38 recipes to make your life easier! Cook once and eat three to five different meals!

Plan Ahead Leftovers includes beef, chicken and ham recipes for the main dishes and includes 10 dessert recipes. The Menus at a Glance page lets you see all of the menu descriptions in one place to make substituting elements from different menus easier. Plan Ahead Leftovers also includes tips to making your own menu plans.


Menus On A Dime e-book package

Quick And Easy Menus on a Dime
Delicious, Affordable Meals in 30 Minutes or Less

Let’s face it. Some days you just don’t have time to plan dinner but eating out can get expensive. In fact, eating out is one of the biggest causes of personal debt. Cooking at home can save you thousands of dollars and can significantly de-stress your life, but how can you fit it into your busy life?

You can let someone else do the planning!

Instead of worrying about what to make for dinner, just grab a copy of our Quick And Easy Menus On A Dime menu guide. Quick And Easy Menus On A Dime is designed to take the guesswork out of menu planning so that you always have a meal plan in a moment’s notice. This menu guide is packed with quick and easy menus that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less!

Perfect for Busy Moms

Do you eat out because you’re just too tired to figure out what to make? It can be challenging to come home after work and get dinner on the table before heading off to the kids’ after school activities. Quick And Easy Menus On A Dime makes it easy for you to cook at home, saving you potentially thousands of dollars in your family budget.

Using these easy dinner plans, you can be in and out of the kitchen faster and at a much lower cost than eating out! In the time it takes to wait in line and order at the fast-food restaurant (or regular restaurant) you can have a delicious, healthy home-cooked meal that will satisfy your hungry family and save you a bundle.

In Quick And Easy Menus On A Dime, you’ll find:

  • Each menu includes the recipes for the entree and the main side dishes.
  • Menus for beef, pork, chicken, fish and meatless meals along with holiday menus to simplify your holiday meal preparation.
  • 65 meal plans and 149 recipes to make your cooking experience easier.
  • Time-saving tips, basics of menu planning and a menu list for you to list the menus you plan to use for the week.


While your family is enjoying a delicious dinner, you'll be putting money in the bank!


The "Menus On A Dime" e-book series includes over 150 menus and 187 recipes to make your life easier!



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Customer Reviews

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Lynette Davis (I Shall Not Be Moved)
Great shortcut

The Menus On a Dime 3 e-Book set had some great ideas to answer the age-old question, "What's for dinner?" Since I have an air-frying, the menus make it easy to pull out the frozen meat and make something yummy.

Perfect resource, no matter how experienced of a cook you are

Sometimes I get stuck and trying to figure out supper leaves me staring into space vacantly. These books are just the thing to get me back on track. Not only are the menu plan suggestions complete with multiple sides and often dessert as well, but recipes are included and there are helpful tips throughout all of the books, written in comfortable, conversational language, and with a healthy helping of humor. These would be a great gift for any cook in your life!

Julia Leytham
Always a great value!

As always the menus on a dime will save me money, thanks!

Jo Ihrke

Menus On A Dime 3 e-Book Set

ruby gray

love 💘 them ❤ just waiting 2 other books ordered to get them in 9 1 2020