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Price Book - e-Book Version

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Price Book

Digital Download/e-Book - $5.00

Tracking grocery store prices with this price book is the #1 way to save on groceries! This 8 page price book makes it easy to track prices for items you buy at all of the different stores in your area so you can figure out what is the typical price and the best price in your area. You can easily learn to identify when an item you buy is available at a very good deal so you can save more on the things you buy.

Available as a print book or a printable digital download.

Digital Download/e-Book - $5.00

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Customer Reviews

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Organization Plus!

I LOVE organizing in practical easy ways. This took time at first to fill in from my purchase receipts. Persevere! I also added a column that tracks how often I need to replace a food. I simply wrote the date I open a jar on a piece of masking tape that I stick to the jar. Then I wrote the date I finished the jar on the tape. I added this information to my purchase book.
Being organized is only possible if you take time to set up a system. After that it’s really quick and easy.

I figured that it would be good...

...but it is freaking AMAZING! No lie.
I ordered this as a gift for my dad ended up borrowing it this morning (shhh, I know....) I was just trying to help him put a meal plan together. But long of the short- i am buying myself a copy!
Not just a cookbook. Its like an all inclusive thrifty homemaker cooker shopper companion.
Tawra( I mean Mike lol)---- get LoD app in the works!
Xo thanks again to alllll of you guys

spending time with you and your family

looking forward to putting the e-book to a good use. over the years I have followed you all. i am 82 years old and i have learned so much. your a great place for wedding and shower gifts