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Thanksgiving On A Dime e-Book

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If you want to make a great traditional Thanksgiving meal, Thanksgiving On A Dime can make it easy! Even if you have never cooked a Thanksgiving dinner before, you will find all of the resources you need to confidently make a Thanksgiving meal that will satisfy your family and friends.

Thanksgiving On a Dime contains lots of tips and easy to follow recipes for all those basic, classic Thanksgiving comfort foods that fill us with warm fuzzy feelings during the holidays! The recipes include easy to follow steps about how to prepare the dishes and the results are absolutely delicious! At the end of the night, your guests will think, “That was a really incredible meal!”

Do you wish you could make the perfect Thanksgiving turkey? Would you like to learn to make perfect pies? Jill’s recipes are known for being simply the best. Thousands of readers have commented that she makes the best pies they have ever tasted, even better than pies from restaurants that specialize in pies!

  • Learn how to save money on your Thanksgiving dinner and what to do with all those leftovers!
  • Simple instructions on when to do what in order to get everything on the table and ready for your guests.
  • Did you know you can cut a turkey in half and only cook half of it and save the hassle of messing with an entire turkey? Jill and Tawra tell you how.
  • Learn how to save your cooking disasters and still have a beautiful Thanksgiving meal.

Thanksgiving On a Dime will greatly simplify Thanksgiving day preparation and give you peace and confidence about preparing a great Thanksgiving dinner!


Customer Reviews

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Denise Glisson

Really good food and ideas

Judy S.
Thanksgiving on a Dime

As always. Jill and Tawra tell you how to live better for less. I have used many of their suggestions.

Jeanne L
Handy Book

Great ideas for working on a Thanksgiving meal.

Wendy Krych

Thanksgiving On A Dime e-Book


Love it