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When Queens Ride By – How To Handle A Busy Life (Printable e-Book)

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Agnes Sligh Turnbull's "When Queens Ride By" is a beautiful and encouraging story illustrating the tremendous impact a homemaker can have on her family. This book provides great inspiration for wives and moms that feel overwhelmed and discouraged at trying to keep everything together at home and shows how the woman truly is the heart of the home!

You will be newly inspired to take on the household chaos (and the world) and reevaluate how you do things to make them run smoother. This wonderful story brings new hope and new light. It will touch your heart, make you smile, and renew your courage to move forward with your efforts to make your home a warm and confortable place for your family to live, love and prosper!

Customer Reviews

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Lori Heffer
When Queens Ride by.

Loved this little book. Very thought provoking. :)

Susan Fisher
When Queens Ride By

I loved it and think everyone should by one. Reminds me of the bible verse about removing the blank from your own eye. I the woman had just gone outside she would have seen a different point of view.

Thanks Ms. Jill for recommending it.